Student Athletes

Student Athletes

Student Athlete performance training designed for the specific needs of growing bodies ages 8-18 in a fun and safe environment where athletes can achieve their personal best. Our athletes don’t just practice. They perform, play, and progress.

At the Rehab, our goal is playing better, going faster, making the team. The Rehab provides training for athletes of all levels so they can reach their individual potential.

Youth athletes are not mini adults and, therefore, must have a progressive training approach specific to the unique needs of youth and adolescent athletes. The rehab coaches optimize student training programs for all sports without risking individual health. Athletes are evaluated and grouped by developmental age to ensure safety, efficacy, enjoyment, and crossover to account for transition through periods of accelerated growth.


More than moving fast, speed requires strength, power and mobility

Turn quick reaction into coordinated, agile movement

Resistance is fundamental to increase load capacity and hypertrophy

Performance personified against the real competition – your personal bests

RECOVERYRecovery is an important component at the rehab, We offer Whole body Cryotherapy, Localized Cryotherapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Nomatic Compression sleeves and other soft tissue modalities.